Asia Anastasia

asia anastasia

Where are you from?? Love your hair! And your name ;)

From Venus, you know. ;)

Omg, You're the definition of beauty.

:) ty

You are so gorgeous, and can really sing! (: You are real talented! And you will get somewhere I know it!♥ But keep doing what you do!:D

<3 I appreciate chu! xxxx

Your voice is angelic and are you working on a ep or any new music?

Yes, lots of new music. I can’t wait to share it! ^_^

can i get a follow back :) great blog! and i seriously love your fashion taste, your damn near flawlesss

Sure :) & thanks. x

Just letting you know that you're really freaking talented a beautiful. i've been with you since you first made your tumblr haha and i follow you on instagram. A true fan since day one. Dont forget me when you're famous :P

Thank you :) <3 I appreciate that!